NeuBtracker: MacroZoom Configuration

This is the configuration used for the majority of our acquisitions, combining a high NA macro objective and a zoom lens for adjustable magnification covering, e.g., the entire fish or,  just a zoom-in to the brain (please see the parts list below). 

NeuBtracker: MicroFixed Configuration

Shown here is one of the alternative configurations  with 4 main differences to the MacroZoom configuration.

1. Combination of a 1x microscope objective with a tube lens creating an infinite space for possible addition of instrumentation

2. Replacement of the zoom lens with a cost-effective 2-lens Keplerian telescope (optimized for a fixed 7x magnification)

3. Addition of a 488 nm laser (coherent illumination) path, which would, e.g., be needed for structured illumination approaches

4. A 405nm laser coupled through the galvanometric mirrors to track the fish and provide visual stimuli or photostimulation.

Different design for arenas

Any dish with  <15 mm in diameter can be used as an arena, for instance 24/48/96-well plates which are commonly used in zebrafish research. To control the local delivery of pharmacological substances, arenas with reservoirs and dividers can be used. An example design for a CNC-milled, cleanable and re-usable arena is shown in the top panel. Multiwell arenas can also be 3D-printed in a cost-effective way (bottom panel).

Custom-made Parts

Design of custom-made IR-illumination ring (please see parts list below).

Part List

Below is a list of the main optical components of NeuBtracker and part names for the mechanical parts.
The available CAD-files also specify the exact parts used in these configurations.