Six Week Body Makeover

fat woman - thin womanThe Six Week Body Makeover is a diet plan based on fitness guru Michael Thurmond’s eating and fitness regimen. Michael is probably best known as the fitness consultant for ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” and has developed custom weight loss and total health solutions for many of the show’s participants. The Six Week Body Makeover starts with an eating plan customized to your metabolism. By filling out the body “blueprint” questionnaire, you can highlight the types of foods that your body needs to lose weight, as well as the specific fitness regimen most likely to help you see results fast. Once you have the results of the Blueprint, you will be given an eating plan that is geared to your body type – one that will have you seeing results within six weeks! A Little Taste The Six Week Body Makeover website will give you “a little taste” of the plan. To get all the details you have to opt into the program, which is offered with a 6-week free trial. Still, just filling out the Blueprint questionnaire nets some interesting information – namely, what “body type” you are and what types of food and activity, in general, are most likely to help you see results. Fitness as a Key Component The Six Week Body Makeover is heavily focused on increasing the efficiency of your metabolism. After all, your metabolism dictates how much of your food you burn, versus how much you store as fat. Makes sense, right? As part of the attention to metabolism, The Six Week Body Makeover advocates following the eating and fitness recommendations developed for you from the Blueprint as way to “speed up” your metabolism. By helping your metabolism operate more efficiently, you’ll burn more calories even while resting. This focus on making the metabolism more efficient can be a real epiphany for people who have struggled with their weight over a lifetime – an “Aha!” moment that can validate your feeling that it really is harder for some people to stay slim. But you’ll only have a moment to enjoy it, because The Six Week Body Makeover is designed to help you do something about it – once and for all. Chat Room, Success Stories and Support, Oh My! The website for The Six Week Body Makeover offers a number of things designed to keep you motivated while you become accustomed to a new way of eating. There are message boards, a dining out guide, and interactive quizzes that can help you “fill in the blanks” on the things that can make your weight loss journey a little easier. The site offers customer service by phone and email and additional services like personal coaching and a newsletter. Slow and Steady The Six Week Body Makeover plan can best be described as a sensible eating and fitness plan customized to your body type. It’s a good bet for anyone who wants to increase their overall health through a real commitment to a healthy lifestyle. The Atkins Diet Find out more about the Atkin's Diet now... The Atkins Diet is the original low-carb diet plan. The diet plan revolves around the concept that the body burns excess carbs first and fat later. The Atkins Diet recommends eating a low carb diet, thereby forcing the body into burning from its fat stores instead of from extra carbs.